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The future of phone networks is about to rock the world, as Samsung opens up pre-orders for the 5G version of the Galaxy S10.

5G is the next iteration of mobile data roaming, and makes downloading content incredibly fast, and you can get the first Samsung smartphone to deliver this speed right now.

It’s available on pre-order right now ready for when it comes out, with six cities in the UK – London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester – having set up 5G networks back on May 30.

So far, 5G will only be available on EE or Vodafone networks, with EE taking the first plunge into super-fast downloads.

You’ll have to have the latest handsets to use 5G, like the Galaxy S10, or the new Huawei 5G smartphones, but more phone developers are expected to enter the market with the hyper-speed network soon.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Pre-order Now

Naturally, this means that contract prices will go up, with prices starting from around £54 a month for a 10GB data package.

Samsung has already released the 5G version of their smash-hit flagship phone the S10, which is arguably one of the best phones available currently.

The S10 has a bezel-less 6.7″ HD+ Infinity-O display that is super impressive and bright. An Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is built into the screen to make security and phone unlocking super fast.

It also has six powerful cameras (three on the rear, three on the front) that let you take incredible photos with ease.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G


But a 5G network makes the smartphone even better.

With these new speeds, you will be able to download and upload content faster than ever before.

For example, during testing, a 1GB HD movie took roughly three seconds to download, and posting pictures to Instagram can be done almost instantly. So best make sure you edited them properly beforehand.

To give you specific numbers, 5G is more than 10 times faster than 4G, clocking in at an average of 150Mbps-200Mbps compared to 4G’s 25-35Mbps.

The fastest clocked downloads on 5G is more than 1Gbps, whereas 4G is capped to 150Mbps.

Like we said, this will be felt most keenly when you download large files over your network, which will likely be much quicker than even Wi-Fi.

If you are worried that it will bite into your allowance faster than 4G, don’t fret – 5G just downloads stuff faster, it doesn’t use up more data than 4G, so if you are on a plan that works for you, be that 1GB or 100GB of data, you wont need more than you already have to enjoy 5G.

It also benefits other parts of the phone, like the camera.

Live Focus video is a nifty feature that allows the 3D Depth camera to detect the best focus while you’re recording.

Samsung Galaxy S10 deal

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The phone will be able to work out what you want to focus on in real-time and switch its focus without any editing.

This also helps for things like shopping, as you can use advanced AR (augmented reality) tech to place real products into your own 3D space to see how they look before you buy.

For example, you can bring that new TV you have been researching online into the AR world on your phone, and place it in your own living room, giving you an exact idea of how it will look and if it will fit, all in real time.

Samsung Galaxy

Pre-order with EE

5G also helps with online, graphic-intensive games, pairing with a massive 8GB RAM to give you the fastest experience while playing.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order the 5G edition of the S10 smartphone right now from Samsung’s official online store or from EE and Vodafone’s official sites.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G


The S10 will cost £1,099 from Samsung and you can be one of the first to get it, as of today.

If you’d prefer to shop directly with EE or Vodafone, you can.

For example, you can get the S10 5G with 30GB of data and unlimited texts and calls for £10 up front and £79 a month with EE.

Vodafone is selling the Galaxy S10 5G phone with 60GB of data for £70 a month and £49 upfront.

There are a couple of other phones available on the 5G networks, like the OnePlus 7 Pro, the OPPO Reno and the LG V50 ThinQ – which you can order from EE or from Vodafone – though we think the Galaxy is the best option of the four.

As mentioned, 5G will only work in certain cities for the moment, so you will have to either live in or travel to those locations to take advantage of it.

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