Picture it: The year is 2002, and the world is obsessed with flip phones. Keanu Reeves just made the Motorola Razr look like the coolest gadget in the world with the Matrix trilogy, and we were all rushing out to buy one so we can nonchalantly whip out the flipping screen to answer our unimportant calls.

Fast forward to 2020 and the world is about to fall right back into the same groove, as Samsung releases the Galaxy Z Flip; the modern answer to the smart/flip phone conundrum.

During the Samsung Unpacked event on Tuesday (February 11), the world was wowed by two brand new flagship handsets to take over from the incredibly popular Galaxy S10 and the drastically expensive Galaxy Fold – and both look pretty impressive.

With Samsung looking to bring out both handsets as soon as possible – and avoid the huge half-year delay that we saw with the Galaxy Fold last year – there are sure to be deals flying around the internet within the next few weeks. Check out everything we know about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip below.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip details

Yep, flippable phones are the new thing. Out with the Fold, in with the flip. Samsung has managed to develop a phone, much like Motorola’s new flip phone, that can transform from a full-size smartphone into a dinky little folded-up device that shows you the info you want.


The closed phone has a front display that can be used as a selfie viewer and which can display notifications or even maps to help you manage your day without having to constantly flip up and flip down.

The bonus to the flipping screen, though, is that it does the same job as last year’s Galaxy Fold. You can split apps across the top and bottom half of the display, which assists in multitasking and is way more useful than you might imagine.

For example, sit the phone down on the table and watch a YouTube video on the top half of the screen, while typing out a text to your friend on the bottom half seamlessly.

The Z Flip will hopefully have a better launch than its predecessor did, but Samsung is particularly proud of its new hinge system, so perhaps the company is more confident this time round.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip price

To a mixed reception at the Unpacked event, Samsung has priced the Z Flip at $1380, which is *MUCH* cheaper than the Galaxy Fold, but still an eye-wateringly high price for a glorified flip phone.


Compare that to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which came in at around $1,100 last year. How the Z Flip is still $280 more expensive than the Apple device is a bit difficult to see, but we imagine they have priced it this way for a reason. And hey, at least it’s cheaper than the über-expensive Galaxy Fold, which was almost $2,000.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip release date

The really surprising part of this announcement is that the Z Flip will be available from February 14, which is much sooner than many of us were expecting. Samsung usually likes to leave a little bit of time between its announcement and release date, but here we are.

It’s even more impressive when you think that the world only started to hear about leaks on the Z Flip just a few weeks ago, so Samsung is clearly confident in its product. Or perhaps Samsung wants to avoid a repeat of the Fold fiasco and just get the product to market.

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