Note: Contains major spoilers from Joker.

One of the stars of Joker has questioned whether anything in the movie happened at all – namely that it all actually took place in Arthur Fleck’s head.

Zazie Beetz plays love interest Sophie Dumond in the new movie, and in the movie it is eventually revealed that much of her role was in the Joker’s imagination.

Recalling to The Hollywood Reporter about finding out that her part would mostly be fantasy, the actress said: “Yes, it was a development as we were doing it.

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“I think we had shot some stuff, and then there were a couple of times where [director] Todd [Phillips] called me and said, ‘We might shift it in this way’.

“It was sort of this slow shift, actually. So, I wouldn’t say that it was necessarily from one moment to the next where we were like, ‘There’s a fantasy element’.”

She also mused that the entire movie was from the Joker’s point of view, continuing: “But, I think that the entire film is all through Arthur’s point of view, almost the entire thing, so, to an extent, you can question the interpretation of anything in this film.

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“You can question Arthur’s relationship with his mother – and what that was really like or not really like – and then what they tell him in the insane asylum about her. That’s also up for interpretation.

“Is that the truth of her relationship with him when he was a child, or was it fabricated? I think the movie just really shifted into something where it’s all coming from his brain. In the end, isn’t it all up for questioning?

“What is reality or what isn’t reality as he questions his own reality and his own existence in the world? So, Sophie just started inserting into his brain rather than necessarily being a whole physical character outside in the story. I think everything transitioned into Arthur’s POV more.”

Joker is in cinemas now.

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