Ang Lee’s feat of technological movie-making, Gemini Man, has not been well received by critics. Despite the undeniable skill that went into making a de-aged clone movie in 120 frames per second and 3D, the film is more style than substance.

Lee has left open the door for a sequel, though, which could star Will Smith again – or anyone else, for that matter. After all, if Grown Ups could get a sequel, anything is possible.

So how did the film set up a possible sequel? The answer is fairly obvious. Clones! Be warned, beyond this point there are plenty of spoilers for Gemini Man.


Let’s back up a second. The movie begins with Henry (aka older Will Smith) on an assignment to assassinate someone he believes is a Russian bio-terrorist.

He learns that his government lied to him and the man he killed was a Russian biologist working for the USA, whose advances in cloning resulted in the ability to make super soldiers: clones of real soldiers who feel no pain.

The American “defence intelligence agency” (yep, the DIA) didn’t want the science falling into anyone else’s hands, so they had Henry kill him. Henry, not best pleased with being lied to, confronts his handler.

This leads Clay, the head of the private defence firm Gemini, to send in his own trained assassin to kill Henry. And this assassin is, as you could guess, Henry’s clone – named Junior.

Gemini Man, Will Smith, Clive Owen,

Henry and Junior have a series of encounters in which Henry refuses to kill his young clone. By the end, they team up and go against Gemini.

In the final battle, knowing that he’s at his wit’s end, Clay sends in a third, masked soldier. After a prolonged firefight, the almost impervious soldier is mortally wounded.

Henry reaches out to remove his mask and is, shock!, confronted with HIMSELF. A third clone. Yep.

Afterwards, Henry kills Clay and all is right with the world. Henry’s former handler confirms that Gemini has been disbanded and there are no more clones.

…But are there?

Gemini Man

The fact that this science exists at all means there’s plenty of room for a sequel with a different actor going up against their young self, or going up against the super-soldier version of themselves.

Whether or not it comes to fruition remains to be seen. Or, if we’re lucky we’ll get a modern-day version of the 1970s TV show Gemini Man because that sounds amazing.

Gemini Man is out in cinemas now

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