Disney+ has already signed up more than ten million users, both upon its launch on November 12 in the USA and The Netherlands and via preorders. Of course, the streaming site has a seven-day free trial and how many of those users stay on after their free week remains to be seen.

It’s likely many will stay since the service’s highest-profile series are being released a week at a time, meaning if you want to keep watching The Mandalorian you’ll have to pay your $6.99 per month membership fee.

Like other streaming sites, Disney+ has already anticipated what everyone already knows will happen: people will share their passwords. It’s something that plagues every streaming service – every online-subscription-based anything, for that matter.


So what is Disney+ going to do about it? Nothing. For now, anyway.

The president of Disney Streaming Services Michael Paull told the audience of the Disney+ media preview that: “Password sharing is definitely something we think about. We believe that consumers will see that value, and they’re going to act accordingly. They’re going to use those accounts for their family, for their household. That being said, we do recognise password sharing exists and will continue to exist.” (Via The Verge)

Disney+ currently allows you to run four streams at the same time, and each account can have up to seven distinct profiles per account. This means you could probably share with one or two friends and get away with it.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re going to give all of their users carte blanche forever. Paull added: “We have created some technology that’s in the backend that we will use to understand behaviour. And when we see behaviour that doesn’t make sense, we have mechanisms that we’ve put in place that will deal with it.” (Via The Verge)

Spooky. Disney doesn’t ask for a location when you’re streaming on mobile devices, but there are surely ways they can figure out where a given device is that don’t involve backend codes.

However, you know the adage about being given an inch and taking a mile? Well, there are those taking a mile. Some subscribers have reported seeing unauthorised profiles on their accounts.


It turns out hackers have been sending users emails tricking them into giving up their log-in information, which the hackers then sell on to people for less than the subscription cost.

Other streaming platforms have ways of tracking the devices registered to any given profile. But on Disney+, once a device is added there isn’t, as of writing, a way of removing them.

So share your password – but at your own risk!

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