Avengers: Endgame‘s Bucky Barnes clearly has time for a bit of hair care while saving the world, it turns out.

One Marvel fan has noticed a subtle detail in the final battle that (while probably just a continuity error), makes us question the Winter Soldier’s priorities.

Once he comes out of the portal, Bucky is seen with his hair down, though later on it appears that his hair is suddenly tied back in a man bun.

Maybe he just had a revelation mid-battle and decided that he wanted to go for the Jon Snow look? Gotta look fly while fighting Thanos, we suppose.

Meanwhile, the movie’s directors have admitted that Endgame‘s controversial time travel plot was always going to be a problematic element.

“Ultimately we realised that, look, time travel doesn’t exist, so it’s a ludicrous notion,” Joe Russo explained. “It’s a construct of genre filmmaking.

Marvel Studios

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“I think when we all bought in on it was when we realised the emotional scenes that could take place between the characters and people that they loved who are no longer with them.”

He added: “Ultimately, if you’re entertained by them coming up with the plan, executing the plan, and then you’re emotionally fulfilled by what they do while they’re executing the plan, it’s worth the construct.”

Avengers: Endgame is out now.

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